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Image of a young lady in the dentist chair smiling while getting restorative dentistry services. When your child needs restorative dentistry services, turn to the pediatric dental professionals you can trust at Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Susan Kim has been selected as a Top Pediatric Dentist by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine for the last 7 years in a row. We love working with children–and it shows!

We know that parents do their best to take care of their children’s teeth, but sometimes oral health problems still defy their efforts. Our compassionate pediatric dental team is here to help you get your child’s oral health back on track! We offer the restorative dental services for kids that you’re looking for, like:

Tooth Colored Fillings for Kids

Treatment for cavities in children depends on how severe the decay is as well as each child’s age and risk of future cavities. At Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry, we typically treat cavities with discreet, effective tooth-colored fillings.

Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Restorative dental care can be an anxiety producing experience for many children. Our pediatric dental team tailors strategies for having fun at the dentist’s to your child's unique personality. We do our very best to put your child at ease, but if he or she is still very nervous about treatment, we offer a range of sedation options to ensure both comfort and treatment completion.

ICON “No Drill” Fillings for Children

If your child has a less advanced case of tooth decay, Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry offers ICON “No Drill” Fillings. These fillings are a more gentle option. Your child won’t have a fear of the dental drill and won’t need to be put under anesthesia. The ICON technique preserves more of the healthy structure of the infected tooth than a traditional dental drill typically does.

Children’s Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped coverings cemented to a badly damaged tooth to restore the shape and functionality of the tooth. Dr. Susan may recommend a crown for your child’s tooth if it has a large cavity, was broken or chipped due to trauma, or if the tooth hasn’t developed correctly.

Pulpotomies for Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are not as strong as adult teeth. If your child’s tooth suffers a large cavity, the bacteria can damage the pulp inside the tooth, causing pain and inflammation. When the soft tissue inside the pulp chamber becomes infected or inflamed, Dr. Susan might recommend a pulpotomy. Instead of removing the entire tooth, Dr. Susan will place a medicated filling into the pulp chamber to try to keep the remaining pulp inside the tooth alive and healthy.

Tooth Extractions for Kids

Unfortunately, sometimes a child’s tooth may be too badly decayed to save. In this case, Dr. Kim will perform an extraction. An extraction may also be recommended if the tooth is severely fractured or is crowding other healthy teeth. We also offer space maintainers to help with extracted teeth.

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Ask about our full array of preventive services, such as dental sealants and washes, to help fortify your child’s smile against tooth decay! If your child has special needs, you can take comfort in Dr. Susan’s extensive experience treating children with medical, developmental and behavioral challenges.

If your child needs restorative dentistry services, or is complaining about an aching tooth, call Evergreen Pediatric Dental Care today. We offer supportive, non-judgmental dental care for kids in a comfortable environment.

Check out the list of pediatric dentistry services that can be paired with sedation to relieve your child's anxiety.

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